Seester Time…

Welcome to Seester Time, where we find time to leave the guys and children to fend for themselves as we get out for the day or maybe 4 to go explore places that hold interest for us but are of little concern to our menfolk. We have been having Seester Trips for quite a few years. When we come back home and tell people of our adventures they actually seem quite interested and want to know more. Which is the reason this blog came about. Finding this time is not always easy, between the two of us we have 4 kids (belonging to one sister), 2 dogs and two guys who we are lucky enough to have them be able to stay at home while we work full time jobs and they take care of the house. Finding this time is not always easy. We have a running joke that we have custody of each other every other weekend.

Some of our trips we take are little longer so require intense planning and taking vacation time from our jobs. We try and take 2 longer trips at least a year and several local trips throughout. One of our former extended trips was to go explore Waverly Hills, which was something that had been on our bucket list for years. Yes we have a bucket list and we will be sharing that with you in the future. Some of our interests include; urban legends tied to the area we are exploring, known and little known historical landmarks, concerts (the guys usually want to come with us on these), paranormal, learning about different cultures, and of course food. We live for Halloween.

So we invite you to come along and share in our fun, interesting, and often times don’t go as planned adventures. We always learn something and share quite a few laughs and hope you enjoy reading about them. Stay tuned as we have an upcoming trip planned and can’t wait to share it with you.


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