Bucket List…

We have so many places we would like to see and things we would like to experience. Here is the start of our bucket list (in no particular order) for the US.

  1. Coral Castle: Miami, FL
  2. Garden of the Gods-Shawnee National Forest: Southern, IL
  3. New Harmony, IN
  4. Savannah, GA
  5. Ohio State Reformatory: Mansfield, OH
  6. Antelope Canyon: Page, AR
  7. The Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, CO
  8. Salem, MA
  9. Willard Library: Evansville, IN
  10. Pennhurst Asylum: Spring City, PA
  11. Roswell, NM
  12. Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd spirit photo: Allen County Library: Fort Wayne, IN
  13. Brown Mountain Lights: NC
  14. Winchester Mystery House: San Jose, CA
  15. Tesla Science Center: Shoreham, NY
  16. Hopkinsville-Christian County Museum: Edgar Cayce: Hopkinsville, KY
  17. Mothman Statue and Museum: Point Pleasant, WV
  18. The Queen Mary: Long Beach, CA
  19. Ashville, NC (lots of interesting things here)
  20. Palmer House: Sauk Centre, MN
  21. Georgia Guidestones: Elbert County, GA
  22. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: San Jose, CA
  23. Eastern State Penitentiary: Philadelphia, PA
  24. New Orleans, LA
  25. Crystal Skulls
  26. Whaley House: San Diego, CA
  27. Stepp Cemetery: Bloomington, IN
  28. Devils Tower National Monument, WY
  29. Cliff Palace: Mesa Verde National Park, CO
  30. Thomas House: Red Boiling Springs, TN
  31. Bell Witch Cave: Adams, TN
  32. Cahokia Mounds: Collinsville, IL
  33. Villisca Axe Murder House: Villisca, IA
  34. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
  35. America’s Stonehenge: North Salem, NH
  36. The Bighorn Medicine Wheel: Bighorn National Forest, WY
  37. Petroglyph National Monument: Albuquerque, NM
  38. Sensory Deprivation Tank
  39. Rockhounding: Various States
  40. Bodie, CA
  41. Ashfall Fossil Beds: NE

to be continued…



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