Goats, Horror, Grotto, Ghost town and a Tipi…

Breakfast with Goats

Up and at em! After a good nights sleep and  we spent the morning hanging out with some goats at our brothers house. We were enjoying their company and the opportunity to relax so much, we got off to a later start than anticipated to Louisville, KY.

Days of The Dead

**This event was overwhelming in the best of ways and in the chaos and living in the moment we did not really get as many pictures as would have hoped.**

A week before we started our trip one of us noticed that The Days of the Dead (horror convention) was taking place in Louisville on Saturday. Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson was to be there and also he was supposed to host the Rave to the Grave after party. One of us happens to be a huge Twiggy fan and was really stoked to meet him and get his autograph, one of the main reasons we squeezed this into our trip. We were also looking forward to seeing Sid Haig from House of a 1,000 Corpses and Doug Bradley who played the infamous Pin Head in Hell Raiser.

We decided to book a room at the Crown Plaza which is where the convention was being held. Once we arrived we had a few hours to check out the events as we could not check into our room until 3:00. We scoped out that area to get our wrist bands for the event and noticed that there was an announcement that Twiggy Ramirez was not going to be in attendance that night. NOOOO!! 😦

After getting our wrist bands we explored the rooms that were filled with vendors. There was so much amazing and spooky stuff going on; handmade zombie baby dolls, killer teddy bears, some really interesting items at a taxidermy booth, lots of cool t-shirts, hats and well, just about any kind of horror memorabilia you can think of. One large room housed a tattoo convention.

Next it was off to the celebrity room. We stood in line and got an autographed picture from Sid Haig who happened to be a really cool down to earth person. There was a family in front of us and when the two young daughters  went to hand him their money he asked their age, and, upon hearing that they were both under 13 he  told them to keep their money and gave them their autographed picture for free. What a great guy!  Doug Bradley was a very nice guy also and would take the time to have a conversation with his fans when signing things and getting his picture taken. Other actors included Bill Mosely (also from a house of 1,000 corpses), the ladies from Elm Street, some of the Cenobites from Hell Raiser and the queen of scream herself Elvira. She was definitely the star attraction as the line to meet her extended down the hallways of the hotel.


After roaming the convention several times we grabbed some dinner at the Blue Horse Restaurant in the hotel and retired to our room for a while to rest up for the after party which started at 10:00. At the party there was a sideshow couple that performed. The d.j.s played 80s music with scenes from horror movies airing on the back drop. We had a couple of drinks then headed off to bed as we were worn out and wanted to get some rest for the next day.

Providence Home Geode Grotto-Jasper, IN

The next morning we got up early, got all of our stuff packed up, showered and checked out of the hotel and started heading back to Indiana. After grabbing some breakfast at a Waffle House we started our journey to Jasper Indiana to see the grotto made out of geodes. The grotto was a creation of Father Phillip Otavi of the Sons of Divine Providence. He became director of St. Josephs Providence Home, a care facility for mentally disabled men in 1953. Otavi, an Italian immigrant based his plan from the famous grotto of Lourdes France. A colleague discovered a large supply of geodes in a creek nearby and this is what Otavi decided to use for his grotto material. It took over 10 years for Father Otavi with the help of a crew of Providence Home residents to build the grotto. It covers 4 city blocks along Bartley Street and is pretty impressive. It always amazes me when we find a place like this. Here is this unique, tranquil place tucked away in the middle of this little town. We knew the place was covered in geodes but were not expecting the elaborate gardens with pillars, a fountain and the floor covered in broken tile. The grotto itself was very serene and had a large statue of Mary as its centerpiece. It is definitely worth a stop to check out if you are in the area.

Hindostan- a 3 Hour Tour


Another place we wanted to check out is called Hindostan falls. This was one of the abandoned towns that was listed on the Facebook article that got us started on planning this trip in the first place. The town was founded in 1816 at the falls of the East Fork in the White River. It was on an original stage coach route between New Albany and Vincennes, and was one of the few roads in the new State of Indiana. By 1820 it was the largest community in what was then still Daviess County and the most promising town of the White River. Unfortunately, also in 1820 there was an outbreak of either yellow fever or cholera. As an outcome of the disease break out and an economic depression the town became no more and most of the area was turned into farmland.


We had the place dialed in on our phone navigation and somehow missed a turn and next thing you know we are lost in literally the middle of nowhere. We have  grown up in this area, but, none of this was recognizable to us. We stopped at two different residences where there were people  outside and asked for directions. We noticed two guys getting in their car in front of a trailer  and they gave us some directions such as go straight through the fork in the road then curve around the Y and take a  left at a turkey farm after you get through the bottoms.  Bottoms? Come to find out the bottoms was literally a road that went through a creek bed and was barely wide enough for our vehicle. Insert Hills Have Eyes Joke here, we were checking for barbed wire strung out in the middle of the road.

After being lost for 3 hours we finally found the place. We were a little disappointed as it was just a river and we could not really see the falls, the water may have been up to high. 3 hours for a 5 minute stop. The ride there was quite adventurous though. This would be a good fishing spot but, not really much else. There was a lot of litter and trash inside the wooded areas along the river. Others have reported finding remnants of the where the buildings stood. Since the trip took much longer than expected we had dwindling patience and did not leave room for much exploring.


A Real Tipi and Fire

After leaving Hindostan Falls we started our long trek to Rawhide Ranch in Nashville, IN. Rawhide ranch has cabins, zip lines, horse rides and a little restaurant located in the barn. You can get pricing which includes breakfast, dinner and activities along with your rooms/cabin. Another interesting thing about Rawhide Ranch is they happen to have two authentic real life tipis. We thought it would be neat to experience what it would be like to camp out in one. We found the place easy enough but it was getting close to sundown and we still had to figure out what we were going to do for dinner and we had to tackle this fire thing before the sun went down. We got to the ranch to  check in and were greeted by an employee who was very kind and helpful. He led us up to the tipi and gave us a few pointers. Then we took a  quick trip into town to get some fire wood (Rawhide Ranch does not sell firewood) and dinner. We decided on McDonalds for dinner just to be on the safe side.

Once we got back to the tipi we started the process of trying to get a fire started in the fire pit inside of our tipi. Believe it or not we actually got one going fairly quick. It was a monumental moment for us. One thing to note, the “floors” of the tipis are made of pea gravel and sand. Best to bring a tarp to lay down under your sleeping bags, which of course we forgot. We took our supply of trash bags and cut them up and luckily had the extra sleeping bags so it all worked out in the end. Once we had our sleeping area laid out and the fire going good we just sat back and relaxed and zoned out on the fire. It was very relaxing. One of us had raccoon fears though and was worried about one finding its way in the tipi while we were sleeping. We woke up a lot throughout the night as the floor was a bit uncomfortable to sleep on and well… thoughts of raccoons. Overall the stay in the tipi was very interesting and we enjoyed having the chance to say we did it. The perfect ending to our seester trip.


The next morning we got up ,got our things together, cleaned up the site and bid farewell to Rawhide Ranch. We had planned to go to Stepp Cemetary and explore around there a little bit. Unfortunately, we felt pretty exhausted that morning. We decided to call it a trip and head back home.

The trip is over and now it’s back to reality. We had a great time on this trip and are looking forward to our next adventure or quick weekend get away. Which actually happened just a little after we got back from this excursion. Join us on our next blog when we share our experiences visiting the annual Spirit Fest at Camp Chesterfield and get a chance to interact with the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull.




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